Are you hating online?

What part of your everyday life do you spend in school? Have you ever thought that it could become a nightmare because of a simple insult on the Internet? Help us restrict such aggression together and be more tolerant to each other. Share your position against this language of hatred. Send us a photo or a collage which shows good examples of your daily life in school.


With the upcoming campaign, Nonlinehate, the Bulgarian Youth Forum declares its aid and aims to popularize the "No Hate Speech Movement" on local and national level. It is initiated and leaded by the European Union and is directed against the online language of hatred in all its forms, especially those like the cyber hatred and the cyber fraud, which affect young people. The campaign focuses on the teaching of human rights, participation by youths and the media literacy. Its main aim is to restrict the language of hatred and prevent racism and discrimination in all their online forms. The official page of the movement:


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You want to be part of the campaign or simply to express your opinion about hate speech? You think aggression has no place in your school life? You are teacher or student and want to be part of the change? Submit a request and our volunteers will visit your school to organize interesting workshops and games to help you actively participate in supporting more tolerance and limiting verbal and physical aggression at school. We believe that students and teachers, who spend most of their daily life at school, can give a positive example to their classmates and colleagues, opposing categorically to hate speech in Internet and its reflections on school life. We are looking forward to meeting you and visiting your class!


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The team

My name is Virzhinia Petkova and I study in the National Bank and Trading High School. My big love is traveling, but I also enjoy design, photography, hiking and hanging out with friends. People with different perspectives, ideas, cultures and traditions have always been very interesting to me. I can see how sometimes exactly differences are a reason for "hate" and I hope that by giving a voice to the problem, we will be able to make at least a small change.

My name is Biliana Dimitrova and I am a teacher of English. My hobbies are traditional folklore dancing, Zumba, photography and of course traveling. I enjoy visiting new (and not only) places, learning foreign languages, communicating with people from different countries, cultures and religions… As a teacher I am interested and eager to work on all the topics, concerning education and youth of all ages since I feel that it is one of my duties to prevent the aggression and hate in all their forms. If you think in the same way, I believe that together we can make the world a better and more acceptable place to live in.

I am Tsvetelina Tsvetkova and I have been an international coordinator of Bulgarian Youth Forum from the very beginning of the organization. I am a historian, a fact which makes my work, connected mostly with communication with young people and youth organizations all over Europe and even more, extremely pleasant and interesting. I like traveling, exploring different countries and experiencing their cultures, meeting new people and trying to have a closer look in a new world which is unknown for me. I believe in the sincerity and the goodness of the human nature and I also believe that the hate destroys in the first place the person who omitted weakness and fell in the tricky trap of this negative emotion. This is why I would like through my work to be a helping hand in the foundation of powerful and confident young people, who clearly realize that they do not need the hate, in order to achieve their goals, no matter of the specific features of the social and cultural environment, where they develop their personalities.

I'm Kliment Ivaylo Klimentov and I'm studying in 91. German language school. What I love the most is sport and journeying through new and interesting places. During my time spent in school I've come to the conclusion that the differences between people can lead to problems when tolerance is missing. This can especially be seen online and the results could be devastating. I believe that through anticipation we can prevent this form of aggression and the lack of tolerace between people.

My name is Kristiyan Gerchev. I have graduated the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" as a Bachelor of specialty "Ecology and Environmental Protection Technique", one master degree in the same university with specialty "International Cooperation and European Projects" and another from the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" with specialty "Pedagogy". I participate in the organization “Together in class” as a teacher for second year. I teach biology, chemistry, and art. I love sports, literature, nature, music, traveling and conversations. I joined the "No Online Hate" campaign organized by the “Bulgarian Youth Forum” because I believe that levels of aggression between adolescents are unreasonably high. Since my school years I have been familiar with the problem, but now as a teacher I would not be able to observe the growth of this negative tendency without regard. I believe that parents, teachers, institutions, students, NGOs and citizens should unite all efforts and strongly oppose aggression in all its forms. More attention needs to be paid, visibility needs to be given, information needs to be spread and we should act right now.


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